1 Our Services
1.1 Our standard service whereby Tutors may register their details with us and Tutees can browse registered Tutors and request a Tutor's contact information for the purpose of setting up a Tuition Arrangement. (Standard Service).

2 Provisions for Tutors
2.1. You promise that you are at least eighteen years of age and have necessary qualifications and experience to provide tutoring in the Categories/Syllabus and subject specified by the you in your profile.
2.2. Our services are nominally charged for any tutor until 30th June, 2017. After that, there will be considerable charge for registering any of their courses.
2.3. You acknowledge that Tutees are entitles to submit feedback for your profile and your tuition services. Tutees can submit scores out of five and write comments.
2.4. Tutor's profile must contain with tutor's latest photograph /coaching's latest logo, present teaching address and valid personal mobile number and email-id.
2.5. You acknowledge that you can't update your name, logo and address after your profile is made, if you wish to change those field afterwards, TutorBaba will verify those details before updating. Only description and contact number can be changed by you through the admin access given to you. (DON’T use wrong words in any of your details, or you will be permanently debarred from tutorBABA access.) Further, TutorBaba shall not be held responsible for non-availability of the Website/ Application during periodic maintenance operations or any unplanned suspension of access to the Website / Application that may occur due to technical reasons or for any reason beyond TutorBaba’s control.

2.6. TutorBaba can withdraw your account access anytime, if we found out that you are misusing the application for any illegal activity.
2.7. TutorBaba reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.

Date: 20th July 2016